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4th Quarter 2017 Market Update

30 October 2019

Geremy van Arkel, CFA® | Principal

What a year 2017 turned out to be!  Global stocks, as measured by the MSCI AC World Index, rose in every month of the year, and did so with record-low volatility.  This has been the longest period on record for the S&P 500® Index not losing more than 3% in value – and to give you a better idea: this record dates back to 1957.  Stock markets around the world have been impervious to the usual threats, and asset prices have kept on marching higher through political theatre, saber-rattling, natural disasters, high asset prices, and the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) tightening of short-term interest rates.  Coordinated global growth and investor confidence has rolled over all other issues, and almost every stock market in the world produced earnings growth in 2017.  Even fixed-income investments performed remarkably well in this risk-seeking environment, as investors were yield takers in their efforts to store excess liquidity.  In the 4th quarter of 2017, these trends accelerated, and stock markets around the world produced their best returns of the year.  This year proved to be a great year to be a Frontier investor.


Every asset class that we follow produced a positive return in the 4th quarter: stocks, bonds, alternative investments, commodities, and real estate. That has only happened 6 other quarters over the last 20 years. The post-2008 recovery has been characterized by slow growth, low inflation, and unprecedented central bank stimulus, which have all led to high asset prices.  Now that the world’s economic engine is firing on all cylinders, and as most central banks are still excessively accommodative, money seems to be flowing into all areas of capital markets, leaving some to claim a “bubble in everything”.   But, while asset prices are high, the world’s economies are performing well according to most measures.  Employment is strong, economic growth is solid, asset prices are way up, corporate earnings are growing, and investors are risk-seeking.  Plus, U.S. tax reform was one more positive factor for corporations to cheer in the 4th quarter.  There seems to be little on the horizon for investors to worry about, and markets have acted accordingly.


It is under precisely these circumstances when investors find it easy to be risk-seeking.  Capital markets, in general, lead the economy and the performance of capital markets and prices of assets already reflect the positive economic developments.  But past performance is a strong lure for investors.  It is easy for investors to extrapolate past capital market and economic performance into the future, especially when it seems like risks are low.  However, history tells us that when asset prices and returns are high when the economy is performing well, and when volatility is low, this is exactly when investors need to pay attention.  All stock market catastrophes have been preceded by these comforting factors.


Looking forward, Frontier’s strategies are cautiously positioned.  We manage all of our strategies to maximize the expected return for possible loss.  But we are also downside first managers.  It is a future possible loss that is considered first and primary in the management of our strategies.  Even when capital markets are roaring and risk-taking seems easy, we are still focused on risk management.  Why? Because it is precisely when the asset prices are high, the global growth seems indefinite, and when changes and shifts are not being factored, that risk management is critical.  That being said, let’s hope that the positive growth trends of 2017 continue into 2018, albeit, in a responsible manner.

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