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Investment Must Reads | May 2019

10 May 2019

Curated by Steven Braun, Investment Analyst Associate

“Investing For Retirement Isn’t Just About Money” | Robin Powell 

Powell reminds us that while the money side of retirement is the most blatant and top-of-mind topic when planning, there are other important things to consider that have an equally large impact when in retirement.

“Finance Is a Language” | Richard Gluck

Gluck recounts a class he had taken with Fischer Black (co-creator of the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model) in which Black focused on teaching his students how to think about the messy world we call finance.

“The Path-Dependent Nature of Perfect Withdrawal Rates” | Nathan Faber

Finding exact numbers when creating a roadmap of the future is an onerous task, in and of itself. Whether or not that roadmap is accurate makes the plan continuously strenuous. Faber tackles the issue of changing perfect withdrawal rates when we only see one realization of reality.

“Warren Buffet: The Greatest Factor Investor of All Time” | Nicolas Rabener 

I have always been fascinated by the attribution of returns and explaining where any excess or lagged returns have come from. In this piece, Rabener puts Warren Buffett’s performance through the factor lens to identify factor tilts that might have explanatory power.

“Define YOUR Success” | Justin Castelli, CFP

With as much transparency that exists in the world, it is very easy to get into the game of comparing yourself, your business, or your life to others. Castelli puts this in perspective and reminds us that the only comparisons that matter is to our own goals and aspirations.

“’I need Behavioral Coaching’ … Said No One Ever” | Brendan Mullooly, CFP

“But I want to dispel an implicit myth about behavioral coaching: it is not predicated upon its recipient being crazy, stupid, or reckless. Nor is it predicated upon its purveyor being a genius, stoic, or super-human. It is predicated upon both parties being human.”

Podcast of the Month

Marvel’s Hidden Assets | Tobias Carlisle & Joseph Calandro Jr.

Book of The Month

The Fifth Risk | Michael Lewis

“The United States government might be the most complicated organization on the face of the earth. Its two million federal employees take orders from four thousand political appointees. Dysfunction is baked into the structure of the thing: the subordinates know that their bosses will be replaced every four or eight years and that the direction of their enterprises might change overnight – with an election or a war or some other political event.”

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