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Investment Must Reads | April 2019

03 April 2019

Curated by Steven Braun, Investment Analyst Associate


Retirement Isn’t Happening | John Mauldin

Mauldin Economics Disclosures

It’s important to have hard conversations to put retirement into perspective as it can often seem like a distant dream. Once that dream becomes a reality, retirees are forced to take a hard look at their positioning. Mauldin runs through a list of ways to approach this challenge from both a personal and an investing perspective to maximize the likelihood of success in retirement.

Thinking about Trade BAIT – Where is Your Advantage? | Mark Rzepczynski

From the Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views Blog

Whenever the “Buy” or “Sell” button is clicked, it is important to remember there is someone on the other side, doing the exact opposite with their own assumptions and theories. Rzepczynski reminds us to think through your potential advantage when initiating a trade, whether that be Behavioral, Analytical, Informational, or Technical (BAIT). Using BAIT for guidance helps identify how a trade will be beneficial.

How to Blow It | Richard Quinn

Quinn lays out twenty points that can be detrimental to retirement goals. It’s extremely easy to fall into the traps of rejecting expert advice for short-term benefit, though the long-term cost can quickly snowball if not mitigated.

Different Kinds of Information | Morgan Housel

The availability of information today can be nauseating. There seems to be a never-ending battle to have as much information as possible, as quickly as possible. Housel’s depiction of the different types of information available (as well as their prevalence) is worth jotting down on a notepad and reviewing more than once.

Economic Growth Heading into a Recession | Ben Carlson

Two of my favorite sayings as of late have been:

  • “Economists have predicted 15 of the last ten recessions”
  • “This has been the most predicted recession that hasn’t happened yet.”

The complexities involved in any economy, let alone, an economy as large as the United States are hard to pin down with any surety. Making predictions based on those complexities can be exponentially more difficult.


Probabilities Over Possibilities | Ryan Reeves & Jim O’Shaughnessy

Ryan Reeves and Jim O’Shaughnessy, often referred to as “The Godfather of Quant,” sit down to discuss various topics. Subjects range from uses of gifs, being lighthearted whenever possible, behavioral biases that exist within everyone even professionals, and how to approach them.

Book of the Month

The Geometry of Wealth: How to Shape a Life of Money and Meaning | Brian Portnoy

“The path toward wealth is clearly marked, but only if you’re looking the right direction. And willing to take three important steps:

  1. Define purpose: Illuminate the ingredients for a life well-lived;
  2. Set priorities: Chart a focused strategy to do the right things in the right order; and
  3. Make decisions: Employ simplified tactics to drive better outcomes.”

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