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Investment Must Reads February 2019

04 February 2019

Curated by Steven Braun, Investment Analyst Associate

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Distinctions, Differences and Diversification | Venk Reddy and Paige Uher

Reddy and Uher, draw the important distinction between fixed income funds focused on risk-management rather than funds that seek indiscriminate exposure to broad asset classes. While not criticizing either type of fund, the authors do make an argument that a portfolio can include both so long as they are viewed through the appropriate lens. From this standpoint, it becomes clear that understanding a fund, its mandates, and most importantly, its managers, is essential in judging its placement in a portfolio rather than the broad category in which the fund is placed.

When It’s Time to Do Something | Morgan Housel

Housel poses the age-old question of “When do I make a change?” Like most aspects of life, sifting through information to find signals versus noise can be difficult. Identifying when a call to action is necessary can be even more of a challenge. Viewing events from the perspective of your range of expectations can aid in deciding whether the world has changed and whether you should adapt to those changes.

Forecasting Follies 2018 | Robert Seawright

Forecasting is extremely difficult and through history, we have shown that humans are extremely bad at it. Seawright dives into the foibles of forecasting by highlighting forecasts that have fallen short in Football, Politics, and investing. Even though we seem to be particularly bad at predicting the future as a race, there is no way to separate ourselves from forecasting events in life. We live our lives and make decisions based on how we think the future will unfold from when to wake up for work tomorrow to what attire to wear based on the weather forecast.

What Amazon’s Rise to No. 1 Says About the Stock Market | Jason Zweig

The FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) stocks have held the attention of most financial news outlets and investors for the last few years. Amazon claimed the top spot in the S&P 500® which was a major news event. As with most major news events, historical context can be enlightening as to whether the event is outside of expectations or not.

Podcast of the Month

Eugene Wei – Tech, Media, and Culture | Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Book of the Month

Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments | Michael Batnick

“This is not a how-to book. If there is one takeaway, it’s that investing is extremely difficult. You will make mistakes.”

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