Over 20 years of a strong track record
Can Give You

Your clients are counting on you to ensure their future has everything they worked for and everything they dream about. With Frontier’s tested and proprietary philosophy and methodology for strategy construction, you’ll be able to look your clients in the eye and say, “Your future is in good hands.”

And you’ll mean it.

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Ups and Downs
What’s Your
Strategy For Both?

In up markets, everyone’s a winner. It’s when markets turn, that winning is about not losing. Our investment philosophy, Downside First Focus, guides the construction of our strategies. We look first at downside risk as the independent variable and then optimize it for return.

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Meet your match
Personally Vetted.
Historically Tested.

When you work with Frontier, you are working with nearly 200 of the most vetted and tested managers, experienced professionals who have a history of consistent performance, selected from a universe of more than 10,000 mutual funds.

Frontier has a proprietary process and formula, Manager Match, that evaluates, selects, and constantly monitors managers for strong performance. It’s one part of the secret sauce of our methodology.

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Manager Match

One Part of the Frontier Equation
is Performance

The team you interact with is the other.

At Frontier, you have a team of seasoned, even industry-lauded, professionals behind you, as well as knowledgeable account managers who are there exclusively to serve our advisor clients.

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Hundreds Of Firms
One Chosen.

It is an honor to be once again awarded and acknowledged by Envestnet | PMC and Investment Advisor Magazine. Frontier has received not one, but three prestigious awards from them, citing our “cutting-edge strategies” as evidence for the awards.

Frontier’s Managing CEO Robert Miller, CFA, said, “In 2015 we were honored to win the first Strategist of the Year award, four years later we were the first strategist to win the category twice. It’s a strong testament to Frontier’s consistent approach to managing investment strategies.”

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Envestnet | PMC and Investment Advisor Magazine Awards