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Frontier Asset Management Named Manager and Strategist of the Year by Envestnet and Investment Advisor Magazine

Sheridan, Wyo., Firm Receives Strategist of Year Award For Second Time May 8, 2019 | For Immediate Release Sheridan, Wyo. – Frontier Asset Management has been named overall 2019 Manager of the Year and Strategist of the Year for a second time by Envestnet and Investment Advisor Magazine. Frontier earned top honors as 2019 Strategist […]

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3rd Quarter Market Update

In the 4th quarter of every year, most mutual funds pay distributions to allocate any capital gains or income to investors that have accrued during the year. These distributions are akin to a dividend: the shareholder receives a distribution, which is a cash payout of income and capital gains, and the price of the fund is reduced by the distribution.

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Weekly Market Review | Oct. 13

As last week opened, inflation was the biggest news item of the week; however, as the week came to an end, the agreement on a partial trade deal between the U.S. and China dominated headlines.

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Weekly Market Review | Oct. 6

The economic reports over the past week confirm the economy has slowed from the pace of growth in 2018. Labor markets continue to improve, but the growth of new jobs has declined this year. The manufacturing sector has dipped into contraction territory, the services sector was humming along this year, but that seemingly changed in September, and consumer spending, which was the strength of the economy faltered in August. Inflation remains muted, and recent indicators suggest it will remain so over the near term.

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Weekly Market Review | Sept. 29

The U.S. consumer has been a bright spot in the economy this year, but that appears to be changing as consumer confidence, sentiment, and spending growth have weakened since June. Inflation remains muted, so the Fed’s recent cuts in short-term rates now appear to be well-timed.

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Monthly Perspective | September 2019

Yet as soon as those words had escaped my mouth, I remembered one of the oldest rules of capital markets. Wisely, Senator Simpson, too, reminded me of it: that the four most dangerous words of investing are, “It’s different this time.”

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Frontier believes in transparency. Advisors and investors expect that from us. Because the fast-moving investment world never slows down, timely, regular and understandable performance updates are essential. Our monthly performance summaries provide advisors with thorough reports on our strategies.

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