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Frontier Asset Management Named Manager and Strategist of the Year by Envestnet and Investment Advisor Magazine

Sheridan, Wyo., Firm Receives Strategist of Year Award For Second Time May 8, 2019 | For Immediate Release Sheridan, Wyo. – Frontier Asset Management has been named overall 2019 Manager of the Year and Strategist of the Year for a second time by Envestnet and Investment Advisor Magazine. Frontier earned top honors as 2019 Strategist […]

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Week in Review

The slowing economy and falling inflation pressures have given investors strong hopes of rate cuts this year. Last week policymakers gave the markets what it was looking for with comments from Europe and the U.S. that central bank policy could become more accommodating in the coming months.

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Week in Review | Week Ending June 14, 2019

Economic data out over the past few weeks appears to confirm that the U.S. economy continues to expand at a moderate pace with low inflation. Job growth has slowed over the past few months and wage gains have declined from 3.4% year-over-year to 3.1%.

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Monthly Perspective | June 2019

Since World War II, the U.S. has had eleven recessions which have lasted anywhere from five months in 1980 to a year and a half in 2008-2009. The average duration of a recession in the U.S. was just over 10 months, while expansions, including the current one, have averaged 63.5 months.

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Investment Must Reads | June 2019

“The whole process of investing involves putting off consumption now for consumption later. The ability to wait when it comes to spending money can help keep you out of credit card debt, compound your money for future use, and give you a margin of safety when things inevitably go wrong.” – Ben Carlson, CFA

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Week in Review | Week Ending May 31, 2019

U.S. equities declined last week for the fourth consecutive week as large caps dropped about 2.6% and small caps were off about 3.2%. Over the four-week period, large caps were down approximately 6.6% and small caps were off just over 9%. The impetus for the declines was likely the imposition of 25% tariffs on $200 billion of imported Chinese goods which were quickly followed by 25% tariffs on $60 billion of U.S. exports to China.

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Monthly Perspective | May 2019

To get serious about consistent investment performance is to get serious about process. And to get serious about process is to get serious about details and accuracy.

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Frontier believes in transparency. Advisors and investors expect that from us. Because the fast-moving investment world never slows down, timely, regular and understandable performance updates are essential. Our monthly performance summaries provide advisors with thorough reports on our strategies.

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