Downside Focus,
Upside Confidence

Watch as Frontier Asset Management’s Director of Strategies Geremy van Arkel explains how Frontier’s process works for clients — seeking to manage risk to specific target levels to achieve a given level of return for that risk level across varied market conditions.

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Downside First Focus

Allow us to introduce ourselves,
We’re the ones making decisions about where your investments go

Who we are is important because we, along with your advisor, are taking care of your money, your future, perhaps even your legacy.

We understand how you feel about your investments because we, too, have our own money invested in Frontier strategies. Not only are we an employee-owned company that is accountable to investor results, but we are also Frontier investors—placing trust in our philosophies, processes, and strategies.

Frontier Asset Management:

Experienced team with decades of insight

Transparent, collaborative

Network of advisors
who trust us

Accounts maintained by
qualified custodians

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The Frontier Academy is a learning center for investors, advisors, and other financial professionals wanting to gain valuable perspectives on the world of investing. The Academy is a repository of a wide range of content for a wide range of audiences — from entry-level investors to experienced asset managers.

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Risk Is Dead.
Well, Not So Fast.

Gary A. Miller, our Founder, explains why we never forget about downside risk at Frontier Asset Management. In this commentary, he explores how the volatility of the S&P 500® stock index stacked up against the volatility of the index prior to the 2000s, a decade of two of the three worst bear markets of the past 70 years.