Strategies Designed to
meet client goals

Historical averages only tell you what happened in the past. We choose to look forward and establish an asset allocation mix for our investment strategies to address a variety of clients’ goals and financial situations.

Globally Diversified Strategies follow a disciplined process in which well-defined performance objectives define downside risk and long-term return targets.

Alternative Strategies are managed to generate the highest return for the level of risk associated with that strategy.


Global Strategies

Globally Diversified Strategies

Our Globally Diversified Strategies are designed to satisfy the “core portfolio” needs of investor at defined risk levels

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Alternative Strategies


Managed with the goal of achieving the highest level of return for a given level of risk. May be broadly diversified or narrowly concentrated.

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At Frontier we
build strategies
and confidence

The experienced Frontier team, employing our proprietary Manager Match process, identifies top mutual funds and combines their unique investment styles in each strategy. Then our dynamic monitoring kicks in. If we believe we can reduce risk or enhance return in one of our strategies, we will adjust our asset allocation.

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