Carefully selected funds, 
Dynamically Managed

The goal of our Alternative Strategies is to generate the highest return for the target level of risk associated with that strategy.

  • No asset class constraints other than those needed to stay within risk targets
  • May be broadly diversified or more highly concentrated
  • Asset allocations adjusted to focus on new or better opportunities
  • “Benchmark-free” process: not managed to track benchmarks

Strategy Highlights

Actively managed to focus on asset classes that we expect to have the best future risk-to-return characteristics. These strategies are managed without asset class constraints so their asset allocations may shift from broadly diversified to more highly concentrated.

We seek to achieve our objective through:

  • Dynamic asset allocation
  • Top-quality mutual fund selection
  • Skillful combination of funds
  • Ongoing strategy management

Alternative Strategies

Alternative Strategies Performance Objectives Comparison*

  • Strategy
  • Long-Term
    Return Expectation
  • Expected Range of
    Annual Returns
  • Focused Opportunities
  • 6.37%
  • -20% to +44%
  • Absolute Return Plus
  • 5.53%
  • -10% to +26%
  • Absolute Return
  • 3.47%
  • -2% to +13%
  • Short-Term Reserve
  • 2.49%
  • 0% to 8%

*These objectives represent hypothetical expected returns. They are shown for illustrative
purposes only and it should not be assumed actual results will match the objectives shown.
See Notes for more information about the performance objectives.

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