Our approach is
highly analytical

After determining return and risk targets for our Globally Diversified Strategies, our process kicks in as we:

  • Establish a long-term asset allocation mix, the Target Long-Term Allocation
  • Use a wide range of asset classes to ensure broad market diversification
  • At least monthly, review the Target Long-Term Allocation and adjust as needed to create the Target Current Allocation
  • Identify fund managers who demonstrate skill in varying market environments
  • Build a team likely to outperform the Target Current Allocation in good and bad markets

Strategy Highlights

Actively managed to achieve well-defined Performance Objectives that include longterm return targets on risk.

These strategies are highly diversified and are managed within established ranges that ensure broad asset-class exposure.

We seek to achieve our objective through:

  • Dynamic asset allocation
  • Top-quality mutual fund selection
  • Skillful combination of funds
  • Ongoing strategy management

Globally Diversified Strategies

Globally Diversified Strategies Performance Objectives Comparison*

  • Strategy
  • Long-Term
    Return Expectation
  • Expected Range of
    Annual Returns
  • Global Opportunities
  • 6.04%
  • -25% to +52%
  • Long-Term Growth
  • 5.82%
  • -20% to +41%
  • Growth and Income
  • 5.56%
  • -15% to +32%
  • Balanced
  • 4.79%
  • -10% to +24%
  • Conservative Multi-Asset Income
  • 3.63%
  • -5% to +16%
  • Conservative
  • 3.67%
  • -5% to +16%
  • Capital Preservation
  • 2.81%
  • -2% to +11%

*These objectives represent hypothetical expected returns. They are shown for illustrative
purposes only and it should not be assumed actual results will match the objectives shown.
See important notes for more information about the performance objectives.

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