So Many Questions for Retirement
We Help You Answer The Really Big Ones

There is no shortage of questions about retirement. Some matter more than others. Frontier is here to help you answer the big ones. For example, “How much money can I spend in retirement?” and “How much should I save?” Getting good answers to important questions like these is critical.

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Looking Forward
How Do We
Really Know

Frontier has invested years of time and resources to be able to help our advisors look their clients in the eye and assist them in finding answers to critical retirement questions. How do we do it? Here are three ways:

  • Risk Management We manage retirement strategies with a downside risk-first focus
  • Process We use the expected returns for our strategies to provide guidance to clients
  • Confidence We lean into our more than 20-year, industry-acknowledged performance track record

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What is More Important, You Ask
Today or Tomorrow?

Working with their advisors, investors balance their needs for money to spend now and money to save for later into two buckets – the Today Bucket and the Tomorrow Bucket.

The today bucket

The Today Bucket
holds investments at minimal risk to meet lifestyle expenses for next 3 to 8 years.

The tomorrow bucket

The Tomorrow Bucket
holds savings that are invested to meet needs for future retirement years.

These two interrelated buckets have separate investment strategies designed to complement each other. Frontier’s watchful analysts evaluate and adjust our strategies according to market changes, allowing advisors to adjust the mix of investments in each bucket accordingly.

Want a Deeper Dive?

Robert E. Miller, CFA, Frontier’s Chief Executive Officer, explains the firm’s philosophy behind the Today
and Tomorrow Buckets.

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All Retirement Strategies Aren’t Equal
The Difference Is In
the Math

You may think the Frontier plan looks like all the others.
But look closer.

  • First, we employ our growth strategies for asset accumulation and our income strategies for cash needs. Our advanced math tells us how to optimize the strategies.
  • Second, every month we rerun the math, and we adjust our strategies. Other industry retirement firms let their strategies remain static. We reassess risk and return and make adjustments.
  • Third, advisors and clients regularly evaluate the asset mix in their Today Bucket and the Tomorrow Bucket to ensure a proper split and the continued progress toward meeting their investment goals.

Retirement Plans
with Confidence

It’s the rebalancing act every person faces: do I live for today or do I save for the future? The funny thing about money is you always feel like you need more. Even when you have enough, do you ever really feel it’s enough? Try out our retirement calculator for more information to face these questions.

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In the last four years, Frontier Asset Management has received industry awards and acknowledgments for our strategy performance. The same philosophies and methodologies behind our investment strategies are applied to our retirement strategies. Offer your client a retirement plan that you know is going to perform when performance matters most. Contact us today to get started.

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