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Over 20 years ago we established our firm in Sheridan, Wyoming, with the belief that a Downside First Focus philosophy would not only set us apart as a management firm but, more importantly, would successfully produce investment strategies that help clients reach their financial goals.

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The Frontier Story

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We get applications from all over the country, and the investment team we’ve assembled has one thing in common: every one of them comes from a financial background. Led by our experienced senior leadership team, our team brings knowledge, experience, and value to every transaction.

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We work with financial advisors as they develop plans for their clients who hope to achieve their financial goals. We’re proud of our process, our performance, and our team of experienced industry professionals.

Frontier’s entire team is on this journey with you, a journey marked by collaboration and transparency.

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Our entire investment process starts with an intense focus on risk and loss. But we can’t simply wish and want to minimize risk. We’ve had to build processes and strategies with repeatable steps taken in a cycle that is designed to reduce risk. We are constantly improving the way we manage money, always focusing on downside risk and minimizing the potential for loss.

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