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Focusing on the downside is about more than just not losing money. It’s a competency, a mindset, and the foundation of all that Frontier does, and we have built our reputation on this. Our four-step process of investment strategy development is continually measured, adjusted, and repeated to improve our strategies.

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Why Frontier

Dynamic management
is Frontier,
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Humans make the world’s ideal managers. After all, its humans who understand loss, and we will grind out millions of data points to help our clients meet their investment objectives. Frontier’s dynamic and continuously evaluated strategies are the perfect storm of head and heart, of experience and gut check, and are focused on yielding the most return for a given level of risk.

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Dynamic Management

A Unique
Client-centric Experience

We know that advisors walk an unpredictable path to achieving their business goals and their investors’ financial goals.

When you do business with Frontier, this journey is characterized by:

  • our dedication to being transparent
  • an innovative approach to collaboration
  • a partnership focusing on what matters most

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If you can’t see it,
it could hurt you

There’s an old story about a group of cattle running off a cliff together. It’s not because they can’t see what is ahead of them, it’s because they can’t see the cliff.

Question everything.

Frontier is led by an investment team and support staff whose only responsibility is to research data points, provide daily briefings and insights, and search the landscape for trends and patterns.

How We Work with Advisors

Sometimes the
little guy wins

Frontier, operating far from Wall Street in small-but-beautiful Sheridan, Wyo., has been earning the trust and respect of advisors across the industry — and challenging the status quo — for its foundational Downside First Focus philosophy and dynamic investment strategies. In our opinion, an “industry standard” is only standard because someone said it is, but we’ve found that doesn’t always make good investment sense. . . or great returns. When Gary Miller founded this firm in 2000, our philosophy and methodology were groundbreaking, and still is today.

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