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Let’s talk authenticity: Why it’s a game-changer for financial advisors

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In today’s world, filled with filters, poses, and curated versions of reality, there’s something refreshing about people who dare to be unapologetically themselves. We admire them, want them as friends, and instinctively trust them. These individuals prioritize self-acceptance over conformity, and are unafraid to follow their unique path, trusting their instincts and pursuing what comes naturally to them. This rare superpower, known as authenticity, is not only essential for personal fulfillment, but also holds the key to success in various professions.

At Frontier, we are firm believers in the power of authenticity and have integrated it as a core value within our organization. We’ve seen firsthand how authenticity leads to greater personal satisfaction, stronger relationships, and more meaningful connections with clients. And as a company dedicated to supporting financial advisors, we recognize how authenticity can create thriving, prosperous practices that stand out in a competitive landscape.

Why authenticity makes a difference

The financial services industry is undeniably competitive, and clients are naturally drawn to advisors who are honest, open, and committed to their needs. Embracing authenticity allows financial advisors to distinguish themselves in this crowded field and attract clients who value genuine connections. Authenticity offers several key advantages:

  • Strengthening client relationships: Authenticity builds trust and loyalty, creating a strong foundation for long-term client retention.
  • Differentiating in a competitive market: Authenticity helps advisors stand out by offering a unique, genuine approach that attracts clients seeking real connections.
  • Encouraging open communication: Authenticity promotes clear, honest dialogue, enabling tailored financial guidance for each client’s needs.
  • Boosting professional reputation: Authenticity enhances an advisor’s reputation, increasing word-of-mouth referrals and solidifying their standing as a reliable professional.
How to be an authentic financial advisor
  1. Be yourself: There’s a harsh reality we must confront. Often, we prioritize being liked over being authentic. This tendency can lead us to compromise our true selves in an effort to gain acceptance and approval from others. So just be yourself and let your personality shine through in your interactions with clients. This helps create a personal connection and differentiates you from other advisors.
  2. Listen actively: Genuinely listen to your clients’ needs, concerns, and aspirations. Show empathy and understanding, and ask clarifying questions to ensure you fully grasp their unique situation.
  3. Be completely transparent: Clearly explain your advice, the reasoning behind it, and any potential risks or benefits. Avoid jargon and ensure clients understand your recommendations.
  4. Keep your promises: Follow through on commitments and be accountable for your actions. This demonstrates reliability and integrity, reinforcing your authenticity.
  5. Continuous learning: Stay up-to-date with industry developments and invest in your professional growth. This shows clients your commitment to providing the best possible advice and service.
  6. Encourage feedback: Regularly solicit feedback from clients and be open to constructive criticism. This shows your commitment to continuous improvement and willingness to adapt to better serve your clients.
  7. Engage in tough conversations: Sometimes authenticity means that someone may not like what you have to say. That is okay. Have the courage to engage in tough conversations when necessary, addressing sensitive topics with honesty and empathy, and being willing to challenge clients when it’s in their best interest.

Authenticity is the foundation of strong, trusting relationships between financial advisors and their clients. By embracing authenticity, you can differentiate yourself from competitors, foster client loyalty, and build a thriving practice. Remember, being an authentic financial advisor is a journey of continuous growth and improvement, so stay true to yourself and your core values, and always prioritize your clients’ best interests.


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