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Our Best Podcast Episodes of 2021

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2021 was a year full of surprises, innovation, adaptation, curiosity, and change. Frontier was certainly not exempt from any of those elements. We surprised ourselves by officially launching our Deconstructing Alpha Podcast. We innovated ways to bring you episodes on some of the hottest investment topics. We adapted to a world that wanted more digital content. We got curious and interviewed many seasoned investment professionals. It was all a big change for us, and we hope that our audience stays along for the ride in 2022.

While we reflect on the lessons learned in 2021, we reflect on our audience’s favorite episodes of our podcast. Here’s the roundup:


#5 | Episode 9: Risk Managed Small-Cap Investing with Gregory Spiegel of Neuberger Berman

In this episode, Gregory Spiegel, Portfolio Manager of Neuberger Berman Genesis Fund, was kind enough to provide answers to some “Jumbo Shrimp” questions like:

  • What is risk-managed small-cap equity investing?
  • How to manage a large, small-cap portfolio?
  • Can underperforming a bull market lead to multiple market environment outperformance?
  • For how long can poor quality businesses outperform?
  • Why is the beta ripping Russell 2000 Small Cap Index chock full of non-profitable companies?


#4 | Episode 8: Why Are Interest Rates So Low? – Tony Crescenzi of PIMCO Investments

Interest Rates! One of the hottest topics of 2021. How could we not find someone to ponder with us on this perplexing topic? Tony Crescenzi of PIMCO Investments gave us his thoughts on why interest rates are so low. He answered questions like:

  • Are interest rates like these sustainable?
  • Given the post-COVID investment environment of explosive growth coinciding and inflation, is it implausible that interest rates could remain this low?
  • For a long time, investors have decried, “Interest rates are just about to rise, so watch out!” But they haven’t. Interest rates have been declining for 40 years. Will they continue to decline?


#3 | Episode 7: Inflation with Christopher Burton, CFA, FRM of Credit Suisse

The big macro-economic surprise in 2021 was inflation!

The 2010s were characterized by slow growth, low inflation, and low-interest rates. Fast forward through one pandemic, and boom! An explosion in consumer demand and a disruption in supply.

With the help of Christopher Burton, CFA, FRM of Credit Suisse, we break this all down with questions like:

  • What is happening with inflation, and what does it mean to portfolios?
  • How can we best hedge against inflation?
  • Is this inflation transient or persistent?


#2 | Episode 5: Why would anyone index corporate bonds? – Carl Kaufman

In June, when inflation fears were on the horizon, we got ahold of Carl Kaufman, Co-President, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer of Osterweis funds, and manager of the Osterweis Strategic Income Fund.

In this interview, we addressed:

  • Inflation
  • Rising interest rates
  • Bonds
  • The value of active management for bond investors


#1 | Episode 6: Is this the new normal, or will we return to the old normal one day? – Robert Almeida

Our most listened-to episode of 2021 didn’t come as a surprise. We asked the one question that everyone wanted to know. Is this the new normal, or will we return to the old normal one day? Rob Almeida, Global Strategist for MFS Funds, answered the call to help us ponder this question.

In this episode, we asked questions like:

  • What is going on in the markets?
  • What is going on at the macro level?
  • What does socially responsible investing have to do with it?


We have more great interviews lined up for 2022, and we can’t wait to share them with you. To stay up to date on all our latest episodes, subscribe to Deconstructing Alpha wherever you listen to podcasts, and you’ll get the latest episodes the minute they drop.



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